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WinebancWine Storage Service You Can Trust! 

Are you a wine collector? Do you have multiple bottles of premium and good collection of wine but not enough space at your home to store them all? If yes, then we at Winebanc can help with your wine storage needs!

Every wine enthusiast understands the importance of their wine collection and the pride and joy it brings to them. It is natural to want nothing but the absolute best wine storage service for your collection. This is where Winebanc comes in!

We are a premium and reliable wine storage HK company, and we are dedicated to offering you a safe and high-standard wine storage facility.

Who We Are 

In Hong Kong, it can be quite difficult to find a good and reliable wine storage service facility nearby. While the Hung Hom, Kowloon area has always been bustling with never-ending activities from people and businesses, finding the right storage facility that specialises in wine storage in Hong Kong is never easy.

We have taken our time to consider every aspect of our wine cellar, such as the lighting, storage with minimal vibration and interior design. Most importantly, we take great care in ensuring temperature and humidity precision so that your collections are kept mellow at stellar conditions.

In Hong Kong, we noticed that there is a sizable market in need of top-notch wine storage services. Therefore, we decided to create a storage facility that is specifically dedicated to wine storage in HK. This is how Winebanc was born! We know your wine collection can be extremely close to your heart. Thus, we take every possible step to ensure that it remains safe and in its original condition, no matter how long it is kept with us.

Who Can Use Our Wine Storage? 

Winebanc is a premium wine storage HK facility that is meant for both personal wine collectors and commercial wine merchants.

As an individual wine collector, if you have a large number of wine bottles at home and are looking for a secure storage space, Winebanc can help you out. We offer the ideal temperature and environment for storing your wine bottles.

Commercial wine merchants including suppliers and retailers can keep their large stock of wine with us for as long as they need. Our facility maintains optimal condition and keep their wine with the original fine taste.

Wine Storage FeaturesOffered by Winebanc 

At Winebanc, maintaining top-notch hygiene, ideal temperature, and high security is our priority. Why? Because we believe that your premium wine collection deserves premium wine storage services. So, what are the features that you can enjoy when you choose Winebanc?

State-Of-The-Art Technology for Enhanced Safety

1. State-Of-The-Art Technology for Enhanced Safety

Winebanc prioritises the safety and storage condition of your wine collection. We leverage advanced and high-end technology to ensure that your wine remains safe from potential risks and issues. Our wine storage security works 24/7 and alarms us immediately in case anything is ever compromised.

Well-Connected Location

2. Well-Connected Location

Being in one of the more convenient locations in Hong Kong allows us to be close to you. Hung Hom is well-connected to other areas of the city via a great transportation network and is all set to become one of the most popular commercial and residential hubs in Hong Kong. So, you won't have to face any challenges in locating us or reaching us for your wine storage HK needs.

Ideal Temperature

3. Ideal Temperature

When it comes to wine storage, maintaining the right temperature and humidity is one of the most crucial tasks. It is basically the key to keeping your wine in the best condition.

As your trusted wine storage service, we ensure to maintain an optimum level of temperature and humidity. In our wine storage facility, we maintain the temperature at 13 degrees Celsius and humidity levels between 65% - 75%, which ensures that your wines maintain their original fine taste and get better with time.

Careful Monitoring

4. Careful Monitoring

At Winebanc, our wine storage HK team carefully monitors the condition of your wine at all times. This enables us to notice any unexpected changes and resolve the issue immediately. In case of a power outage or similar issues, we have an uninterrupted power supply system including a backup generator to ensure that the optimum storage conditions are maintained at all times.

24/7 CCTV Surveillance

5. 24/7 CCTV Surveillance

To ensure that your precious wine collection remains safe at all times, our facility is under CCTV surveillance 24/7. With us on board, you can rest assured as our team will take all the necessary steps to keep your wine safe.

Apart from these, there are plenty of other wine storage features that our customers in Hong Kong can enjoy! Reach out to us and let's discuss your wine storage HK needs today.

Sizes to match your collection perfectly

6. Sizes to match your collection perfectly

We have wine storage spaces of different types and sizes. From small lockers to large storage units, we have them all. Just let us know about the size of your collection, and we will recommend the best wine storage size to you.

What Makes Winebanc Special? 

All Risk insurance

All Risk insurance*

If you are looking for wine storage in HK that offers insurance coverage for your wine collection, we are here for you. For a small premium amount, you can get insurance against various kinds of damages.

Flexible storage terms

Flexible storage terms

Our storage terms are flexible to suit the unique needs of all our customers. No matter what your wine storage requirements are, we will strive to fulfil them all at Winebanc. As a flexible wine storage service, we also offer affordable monthly lease plans for your short-term and long-term storage requirements.

Round-the-clock accessibility

Round-the-clock accessibility

Winebanc is open 24/7. So, you can visit our storage and take out your wine bottles whenever you need.

Store your wine in our premium and safe wine storage units. Get in touch with us to get a free quote today! You can also visit our facility to have a look at it and see if it meets your wine storage requirements.


Winebanc Cellar Size - Locker


Winebanc Cellar Size - Small

Small Cellar

Winebanc Cellar Size - Medium

Medium Cellar

Winebanc Cellar Size - Large

Large Cellar


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Winebanc Hung Hom

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About Winebanc Premium Wine Storage in HKFAQs 

1. Does your wine storage service facility provide any insurance coverage for my items?

Yes. At Winebanc, we offer all risk insurance* against damages related to fire and water. There is a small premium for the insurance coverage.

2. What is the storage access hours of Winebanc facility?

Our Winebanc branch in Hung Hom is open 24 hours a day. So, you can visit us and take your wine bottles in or out whenever you need.

We have a robust PIN code secure access system that allows us to keep your wine collection secure. It also gives you the flexibility to store your wine bottles at any time of the day.

3. How can I access my wine storage unit at Winebanc?

Accessing your wine storage unit in HK isn't complicated at all. At the time of signing up for your wine storage unit, you will receive a PIN code to gain access to the facility. Simply visit Winebanc’s Hong Kong facility, go to your wine storage facility and key in your unique PIN code, then you will be able to access the unit whenever you want.

*Terms and conditions apply