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Winebanc is a premium wine cellar offering storage services in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. As your reliable wine cellar Hong Kong service provider, we aim to deliver top-notch services, and a high-tech and secure facility that is available for you 24/7.

Our wine cellar in HK is located at one of the busiest and most popular hubs of the city - Hung Hom, Kowloon. This area is witnessing rapid new developments, making our facility an easily accessible location for customers. Also, the Hung Hom area is well-connected to all major forms of the transport system in the city and so, you won't face any hassle reaching us.


Our Wine Cellar Options

At Winebanc, your convenience is our priority! Thus, to meet your unique wine cellar HK needs, we offer them in a range of different sizes. Whether you are an individual wine connoisseur who loves to collect multiple varieties of wine bottles, or a wine merchant with a vast wine stock, our wine cellars in Hong Kong are for you!

Have a look below at the major types and sizes of wine cellar units offered by us and their features:

1. Wine Locker

Winebanc's wine lockers are meant for individual customers having fewer wine bottles to store. Our wine cellar lockers have a floor space of around 10 square feet, ideal for storing up to twelve wine cases.

When you choose Winebanc, we ensure that your wine stays in the best condition possible. We do this by maintaining an optimum temperature and humidity level at all times within our facility.

Winebanc Locker

2. Small Wine Cellar

Winebanc's small wine cellar is specially designed for people who have a relatively large wine collection and want to keep it somewhere safe, dry, and easily accessible.

Our small wine cellar is capable of keeping up to 18 wine cases. It has 5.4 square feet of floor space*.

Just like our wine lockers, our small wine cellars have ideal temperature and humidity levels to ensure that your wine stays in top-notch condition.

Winebanc Small

3. Medium Wine Cellar

If you have around 100 wine bottles and need a place to store them, our medium wine cellar in Hong Kong can be ideal for you.

We offer a climate-controlled medium wine cellar that is best for holding around up to 54 wine cases. It has a floor size of 12.9 square feet*.

The best thing about Winebanc's wine cellar in HK is that all of them are available 24/7. So, you can access your wine cellar in Hong Kong anytime you need.

Winebanc Medium

4. Large Wine Cellar

Finally, we also have large wine cellars that are designed especially for people (both individuals and commercial wine users) who have a large stock of wine bottles. In terms of space available, Winebanc's large wine cellar is capable of holding up to 135 wine cases easily. It has a floor size of 36 square feet*.

If you are a wine distributor or retailer looking for a safe and temperature-controlled place to keep your wine stock, Winebanc's large wine cellars will be the ideal choice for you. They offer plenty of space to keep your entire wine stock safe for as long as you need.

* Please note that the wine cellar size guide is created for your reference only. The actual size may differ.

Winebanc Large

Benefits of Choosing Winebanc's Wine Cellar in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong branch of Winebanc is dedicated to serving all its customers in the best possible manner. From world-class security to temperature-controlled and hygienic wine cellars, you are guaranteed to get nothing but the absolute best service from us!

The features and benefits of choosing Winebanc's include the following:

  • We maintain an ideal temperature of 13 degrees Celsius to keep your wine bottles in the best condition. Additionally, we also maintain an optimum level of humidity at all times. All our wine cellars are kept at a level of 65% -75% humidity.
  • You get your own private wine cellar in Hong Kong that you can use any time of the day to keep your prized collection. It is safe, secure, and all yours!
  • When you sign up with us for our wine cellar in HK, we ensure that you, and only you, have the key to it. So, there is no need to worry about anyone else having access to your personal wine collection.
  • We are one of the safest wine cellars in Hong Kong. Our units are protected by state-of-the-art security technology with 24/7 CCTV surveillance for better safety.

Get in Touch With Our Wine Cellar HK Team Today

We recommend getting in touch with our wine cellar HK team to discuss your specific needs with them. We would love to know more about your requirements and assist you with anything and everything you want to know about us.

You can also visit our facility and have a look at it for yourself and see if it meets your requirements. We would love to welcome you at Winebanc and walk you through our facility in person.

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About Winebanc Premium Wine Cellar in HK – FAQs:

1. Will my wine collection be safely stored at Winebanc?

Winebanc was built after brainstorming and careful consideration of every aspect of wine storage. We analysed the right temperature, humidity levels, and everything else required to properly store your wine in a cellar.

Winebanc’s wine cellar in HK is packed with several of the latest features including anti-vibration storage, suitable lighting, top-notch wine chillers, and more. Only you will have the PIN code and key to access your wine cellar. When it comes to your wine collection, we take all the necessary precautions so that you don't have to worry about its safety.

2. What different sizes of wine cellars are available at Winebanc?

As a reliable and flexible wine cellar in HK, we offer a large variety of unit sizes to our customers. Whether you need a small wine locker having a floor size of 10 square feet*, or a medium wine cellar with 36 square feet of floor size*, we have you covered!

Just let our team know about the size of your wine collection and we will recommend the ideal wine cellar size for it.

3. What is included in my wine cellar rental?

At Winebanc, we aspire to offer our clients a highly value-for-money wine cellar in Hong Kong. Thus, your rental package rate will include the following:

  • Service charges
  • Electricity charges
  • Wine cellar charges
  • Maintenance costs

Apart from these, there is a one-time administration fee that will be charged separately and one month's storage fee as a security deposit which is refundable.